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Geothermal Well Screen


Geothermal resources are an important renewable resource, effectively extracting the geothermal resources we need from the ground is the main subject of geothermal workers’ research.
I am honored that our Johnson screen (wedge wire screen) water well screen products have been efficiently applied in geothermal well mining projects.

Geothermal Well Water Well Screen Pipe Type

Commonly used Johnson water well screen pipes in geothermal wells mainly include perforated water well screen pipe, slotted water well screen pipe, outsourcing screen water well screen pipe, wedge wire screen water well screen pipe, etc.

The hole diameter of the perforated well screen pipe is generally between 10-20 mm, which has no sand control function.
The slotted well screen pipe and the external filter pipe are easy to be blocked in case of silty fine sand.
Common wedge wire screen tube is easy to be eroded and damaged.
Therefore, our company has developed a kind of wedge wire sand control well screen pipe with good filtration, anti blocking and erosion resistance.

Wedge wire water well screen

Structure: Base pipe, fine filter layer, coarse filter layer and side flow outer protective cover.

It can realize the dual purposes of anti plugging and erosion resistance of the filter pipe, so as to prolong the life cycle of the geothermal well and reduce the cost.

  1. The protective layer is a tubular metal protective sleeve, and the outer surface of the protective sleeve is provided with a uniform and dense rectangular side flow groove, and the diameter of the side flow groove is larger than the diameter of the coarse filter layer.
  2. The fine filtering layer is a filtering screen, and the filtering screen is tubularly wrapped around the outer surface of the base pipe.
  3. The coarse filter layer is a wedge wire screen (Johnson screen), and the wedge wire filter screen is tubular wrapped on the outer surface of the filter screen.

The wire mesh of the wedge wire filter has a trapezoidal structure, which makes it self-cleaning.


  1. Continuous slotting structure, large opening area can meet the requirements of high liquid volume and high flow rate, so as to avoid being pierced.
  2. It reduces the plugging of shale to screen pipe in clastic rock geology.
  3. A multistage sand barrier is designed to prevent sand production.
  4. By adding the outer protective layer, the formation damage of the conventional wedge wire water well screen pipe in the process of running in the well is avoided.
  5. The outer protective sleeve adopts the side flow punching structure to prevent the direct erosion of the filter layer by the sand bearing fluid, thus realizing the dual purpose of anti blocking and anti erosion of the filter pipe.
  6. Prolonging the life cycle of geothermal well, reducing the cost and improving the development benefit of geothermal well.

What is geothermal well

  1. It is the most important engineering step to take geothermal resources. It is a very complex work procedure to mine hundreds or thousands of meters down to the ground through drilling work, to obtain energy, to transmit it to the ground, and to use various geothermal resources.
  2. Generally, in order to improve the accuracy of geothermal drilling, we need to do a good job in the investigation before the preparation work. Then we use some scientific and technological means to detect the depth, reserves, nature, flow, position and generation of geothermal water resources, providing first-hand information for geothermal drilling.
  3. During the exploitation of geothermal resources, we need to develop some relevant management methods. In the geothermal drilling project, we not only need to select the appropriate process and technology, but also the selection of equipment and consumables. In the process of drilling, strict management shall be carried out, and the project shall be carried out in accordance with the plan. Meanwhile, downhole detection shall be carried out at any time, and timely adjustment shall be made in case of any situation.

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