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Corn Soaking Tank Screen


V Wire Screen for Corn Soaking Tank – Manufacturer
We customized Johnson screen (wedge wire filter) products for corn soaking tank, advanced welding technology, patented surface treatment technology.

Starch is the basic raw material of food industry, and corn wet grinding is the most commonly used technology to process starch from corn.
Corn soaking process is one of the main processes in corn starch production. The soaking effect directly affects the quality and yield of the follow-up products.

We are a Johnson screen (wedge wire filter) manufacturer, through years of research and development and experiments, aiming at the current immersion tank tubular Johnson screen filter is not pressure resistant, and easily cause deformation, leakage and other phenomena, develop a new type of plate wedge wire screen.

This Johnson screen has many advantages, such as:

  1. High strength, no deformation, large circulation area, fast flow rate and so on.
    It has got very good feedback in many starch factories. It solves the problems of small processing capacity and easy deformation for users.
  2. Through the new type of corn soaking tank, the passing capacity of bar screen is larger.
  3. The back stiffener is firmly combined with the sieve plate, and has the characteristics of buffering, which brings convenience to the majority of users. The unique welding process makes the V wire screen plate stronger and more durable than the stainless steel perforated sieve plate.
  4. The opening rate is several times higher than the stainless steel plate used now, which greatly improves the circulation speed of the soaking solution and requires less power consumption.
  5. The width of the screen slot is uniform, indicating the average seam width and standard deviation to ensure the maximum screening effect of the material.
    The screen gap does not contain corn and there is corn leakage.

The traditional corn soaking mainly consists of three stages.

  1. The first stage is the stage of lactate action.
    At this stage, the new corn is in contact with the soaking water (old pulp) containing high concentration of lactic acid. At this time, the content of S02 and pH value are low, which can inhibit the harmful activities of microorganisms brought by corn. At the same time, the high concentration of lactic acid can form pits on the endosperm of corn, and the soaking water is easy to penetrate into the corn kernel。
  1. The second stage is the diffusion stage of S02. In this stage, corn will contact with high concentration S02 and low concentration lactic acid. S02 will spread to the inside of corn grain through the hole formed in the previous stage and play its role。
  2. The third stage is the action stage of S02, in which S02 diffuses into the corn kernel and degrades protein. High concentration of S02 can ensure that there is enough S02 in the soaking water when it diffuses.

Our corn soaking tank wedge wire screen surface is smooth, flat, without scratch or pit; each weld is welded by argon arc welding or laser welding, the weld and bending are beautiful, and the weld is pickled and passivated without leakage.
The maximum diameter of the upper opening is 4000mm, and the minimum diameter of the bottom opening is 530mm.

The specific specifications are determined by the actual size of the soaking tank. The screen mesh of the soaking tank shall be divided into several units according to the size of the population, so as to facilitate the installation, disassembly and ultimately achieve the ideal screening effect.