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Selection points of slope screen manure separator


At present, the development of the livestock and poultry industry has enriched people’s material needs, but also brought a lot of livestock and poultry sewage, resulting in air, water, and environmental pollution.
A slope screen manure separator is a kind of environmental protection equipment for the dehydration of livestock manure in animal husbandry farms. It can separate the raw manure from livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer.
So how do choose the slope screen manure separator? What are the selection points of the slope screen manure separator? The following is a related introduction.

Characteristics of slope screen manure separator

  • The machine is made of 304 stainless steel with high strength, no deformation, and long service life.
  • Using the gravity of water flow itself to work, no energy consumption; the power of pressing part is low, and the energy consumption is small.
  • The water treatment capacity of a single machine is large.

Application of slope screen manure separator 

  • This series of solid-liquid separators can be widely used as good equipment for filtering animal manure, wine residue, medicine residue, slaughterhouse sewage, biogas residue liquid, and video in pig, cattle, chicken, and various large and medium-sized animal husbandry farms.

The oscillating solid-liquid separator is equipped with complete functions and strong pertinence. The whole machine is planned to combine the wastewater pumping system, oscillation system, slag feeding kneading system, and active scouring system, which improves the sewage treatment ability and treatment function and can squeeze the waste residue dry for easy use and has creativity.

Its creativity and advanced nature are: 

  • It is planned to adopt oscillatory separation mode, with fast solid-liquid separation speed and large treatment capacity. It can select the aperture of the screen according to the different slag content conditions and water consumption conditions of each pig farm, the application environment, and the different needs of users.
  • It is unique in the planning and material selection of oscillating wedge wire screen and its supporting column. It is used in a harsh environment with strong corrosiveness and high humidity and has low noise.
  • The screw feeding slag kneading system is selected to knead the separated fecal slag twice to reduce the water content of the fecal slag, and the kneading sewage outlet is set before the slag is discharged to ensure that the water content of the separated fecal slag is lower than 60, which can be adjusted according to the cleaning form of the users. So that the process of packaging, transportation, and application of fecal residue does not produce leakage sewage, no secondary environmental pollution, and the function is better than other similar products at home and abroad; the fecal residue moisture conditioning rack at the outlet of fecal residue can regulate the moisture content of fecal residue, and make the fecal residue reach the best fermentation humidity.
  • The active sorting system is planned to deal with the problems of the wedge wire drum screen blocked by the manure and the internal sludge scouring of the equipment after the shutdown, so as to ensure the normal continuous operation of the machine.
  • All shells are made of stainless steel plate, with concise and beautiful shape, less equipment occupation, and regular working environment.

Working principle of slope screen manure separator

The raw slag liquid is raised and sent to the solid-liquid separator by a special cut submersible sewage pump, and the slag liquid to be treated is evenly distributed to the stainless steel inclined screen surface through the overflow. Because the screen surface gap is small and smooth, the reverse gap is large, the drainage is smooth, and it is not easy to block; The solid substance is intercepted, and the filtered liquid flows out from the gap of the sieve plate and is discharged from the drainage pipe; Under the action of the inclined screen, the solid material is pushed to the spiral shaft in the screen, and the solid material is separated by pressing, so as to achieve the function of solid-liquid separation.

Appearance requirements of slope screen manure separator  

  • The installation of all casings shall be regular, square and the edge of the exposed joint surface shall be regular.
  • The gap after assembly shall be uniform, the large gap shall not be greater than 3mm, and the non-uniformity shall not be greater than 2mm.
  • There are no edges, burrs, sharp edges, and other defects in the accessible parts of the shell.