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Wedge Wire Lauter Tun Screen For Filter Tank


The filter tank is an old and widely used wort filter equipment. The filter tank of the brewery is a cylindrical container, in which a wedge wire false bottom is installed.
The lauter tun screen supports the wort tank, and the wort is filtered. In recent decades, the structure and working model of the filter tank in the Craft Brewery has been improved. The following is a brief introduction of the characteristics of the new filter tank by combining with many years of customer experience.①The lauter tun screen structure of the filter tank is improved. The opening rate is increased from 12% to 15-18%, which shortens the filtration time.

②A nozzle for cleaning the filter tank is installed between the lauter tun screen and the bottom of the tank, which can thoroughly clean the sediment. The number of backwash water pipes increases from 1 to 1.5-1.8. CIP cleaning has a strong impact and makes the cleaning thoroughly clean.
③The density of wort filter tube increased from 21 to 1.1-1.2 per M.
④Every 3-4 wort filter tubes are divided into a group and controlled separately. The flow rate is controlled by an on-line instrument to avoid the formation of grains and vacuum.

⑤The liquid level of wort filtered out and the operation of a wort pump is controlled by the balance tank, and the wort is smoothly fed into the boiling pot of wort storage tank.
⑥The number of blades increased from 0.9/m2 to 1.1-1.2/m2. There are different types of blades on different blades. The operation modes of vertical, horizontal, and lifting can be achieved. The continuous cultivation and washing of wort can be realized. The wort turbidity can be kept below 10ebc, and the speed of wort production is fast.
⑦In order to control the oxidation of the filtration process, the mash enters from the bottom, and the reflux wort enters from the side under the liquid level. At the same time, the whole filtration tank has good tightness and can be filled with CO2 or N2 gas as a protective layer.
⑧The filter efficiency was improved by increasing the thickness of the layer to 28-950px.
⑨The output of wort and the amount of washing water can be measured, and the pH and temperature of washing water can be adjusted automatically.

The wedge wire lauters tun screen is cleaned by CIP.

Wedge Wire Lauter Tun Screen For Filter Tank