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Wedge Wire Type Internals for Ion Exchanger


Bluslot provides customized services for the wedge wire screen type internal filtration components and water distribution components of the ion exchanger.

Products include:

  • Johnson screen distributor
  • Intermediate drainage device
  • Bottom water collecting device
  • Johnson Resin Trap Screen
  • Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle

Ion exchange technology is still the main method to prepare pure water and ultrapure water, The application of ion exchange technology is inseparable from the ion exchanger, and the ion exchanger is mainly its internal components in addition to the cylinder. 
The quality of internal components and its advanced technology is the key to ensure the safety of ion exchange technology and equipment.

There are five requirements for the internal components of ion exchanger 

  • The internal structure should meet the process requirements of the ion exchanger during operation and regeneration.
  • The strength and stiffness of internal components shall meet the mechanical requirements of the ion exchanger during operation and regeneration.
  • The structural form of internal components should have uniform water distribution and water collection functions.
  • The internal components selected in different exchangers should have corrosion resistance to different regeneration media.
  • As a kind of water filtering element, the internal component must ensure no leakage of ion exchange resin.

Advantage of The Wedge Wire Screen Type Internal Filtration Components And Water Distribution Components

  • Nonclogging: The cross-section of the wedge wire tube is a trapezoid (also called triangle), The gap on the wedge wire tube is formed by two adjacent acute angles on the two surface filaments.
    When the solid passes through the sieve tube, it forms point contact with the two sides of the gap, therefore, in theory, the solid particles on the screen pipe are either intercepted on the screen pipe or pass through the screen pipe gap, so it is impossible to form the third blocking state.
    It is very important to reduce the running resistance of the equipment, maintain good hydraulic distribution characteristics, and enhance the backwashing effect of resin. 
  • High strength: Because this element adopts the structure of stainless steel wire, it has high strength. It can be cut on the grinding wheel cutting machine or the end face on the lathe without loosing and deforming.
  • Large flow rate: Compared with plastic components with similar shape and size, the flow area of this kind of element is greatly increased. Therefore, under the same resistance, the flow rate increases obviously.
    In other words, under the same output, the number of water filtering elements can be reduced correspondingly. 
  • The adaptability of temperature change is good: It is obvious that the temperature range of the stainless steel filter element is much wider than that of the plastic element.
  • Adjustable slot size: Different users, using different ion exchangers and ion exchange resin, have different requirements for the slot size of the internal wedge wire filter element.
    In order to adjust the clearance of the filter element made of plastic, the mold must be remade, which is not easy to meet the special needs of users.
  • Corrosion resistance: for neutral water, acid water, alkaline water, regenerate, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, salt, etc., it can operate ion exchanger equipment economically and safely.

Nowadays, more and more users can accept stainless steel wedge wire filter elements. Although its price is several times higher than that of the plastic filter element, due to its reliability in the use process, it greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the equipment, ensures the safe operation of the equipment, and also prevents the loss of a large number of expensive resins, so it is more widely used. 

The stainless steel filter element products developed by bluslot are welcomed by many domestic enterprises. The following are some of the company’s internal components of ion exchanger products, as follows: 

The new type of water inlet device for ion exchanger

The traditional water inlet device can only solve the drainage problem of water distribution and large-scale backwashing, but can not solve the problem of resin running easily in the process of large-scale backwashing.

Running resin will not only lose expensive materials but also threaten the safety of production. The operators have to be careful to carry out the large backwashing of the resin layer, which not only increases the workload but also makes the automatic control program of large backwashing often can not be carried out normally.

The water inlet device made of stainless steel wedge wire can effectively solve the problem of resin running during large backwash.

The gap size of the wedge wire screen is a very important problem. Bluslot has accumulated rich experience in the process of serving dozens of customers. It is very important to choose a suitable gap size.
When the resin layer is backwashed, the proper clearance can not only prevent the resin from running away but also make the broken resin and dirt discharged smoothly.
On the premise of not running resin, the larger the gap between wedge wires is, the better.

Some users are worried that the gap between the wedge wires is larger than the particle size of some resins, will the resin run away?

This is not going to happen. Because when the large backwashing flow is too large and a large amount of resin flows into the water inlet device, due to the “bridging” effect of resin near the wire winding gap, the loss of resin is prevented, and at the same time, the flow rate of large backwashing is also reduced. The operator has enough time to adjust the working condition.

Of course, the gap should not be too large. When the resin can not form a “bridging” effect near the gap, a large amount of resin will inevitably run away.

One exchanger, with a new type of water inlet device, can fundamentally solve the problem of resin running out of the large backwash, which is indeed a wise choice for users. We can according to your original type of water inlet device, free design for your needs.

Johnson screen distributor 

In the ion exchanger, countercurrent regeneration technology has been widely used, and the key device of countercurrent regeneration technology is the Johnson screen distributor inside the exchanger.

For a long time, the main pipe branch type is used in this device. Holes are made on the branch pipe, and PVC and polyester mesh cover are set, and then the stainless steel wire or polyester rope is used to tie the device tightly.

The long-term use practice has proved that this structure has a lot of maintenance work. Now more and more water treatment equipment manufacturers use stainless steel wedge wire screen pipes in the intermediate drainage device, In order to increase the rigidity of the screen pipe, stainless steel porous pipe is usually lined inside the screen pipe.

Main pipe and branch pipe – water filter nozzles type water collecting device 

The main branch pipe filter nozzle collector developed by bluslot, Combined with the advantages of the main pipe branch type water collecting device and the filter nozzle type water collecting device, the main pipe branch pipe system evenly covers the bottom of the container, and several groups of filter nozzle are welded vertically and downward on the branch pipe, and the end face of the filter nozzle can always contact the bottom of the container.

In this way, the “dead zone” is fundamentally avoided. Whether in operation or in the regeneration process, the utilization rate of resin and the regeneration rate of resin can be improved, and the transfer operation of resin is greatly facilitated. 

The purpose of using quartz sand as the cushion at the bottom of the ion exchanger is to make the exchanger have a good water distribution function. However, due to the height of the quartz sand cushion, a considerable part of the volume of the exchanger is wasted, and the height of the exchanger is increased, which brings about the increase of the corresponding system engineering cost.

If the gravel sand cushion is replaced by this new type of water collecting device, the existing water treatment equipment will be greatly improved. 

Johnson Resin Trap Screen

Resin trapper is an important part of water treatment equipment, It can effectively prevent broken resin from entering the next production system, Of course, it can also catch a large number of resin leakage under the accident state of the exchanger.
The trapper made in the past is often crushed due to instability when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the trapper increases abnormally due to a large amount of resin leakage.

Now, all Johnson resin trap screens made by bluslot are equipped with porous stainless steel lining pipes, which greatly improves the reliability of the equipment operation. 

Various types of ion exchange filter nozzles

Ion exchange filter nozzles are a basic component in much industrial water treatment equipment. The stainless steel wedge mesh filter element can form a series of water filter nozzles after processing:

  • Tubular long handle filter nozzles
  • Tubular single head filter nozzles
  • Tubular double head filter nozzles
  • Plate type single velocity filter nozzles
  • Plate type double-flow filter nozzles


  • High strength
  • Small resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wide temperature range

Application of ion-exchange filter nozzles

  • Air scrubbing filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Ion exchanger

As a new product, stainless steel water filter nozzles are more and more widely used.