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Wedge Wire Cylinder for Cutting Fluid


  • The cutting fluid to be filtered flows from the top of the wedge wire screen filter element, this makes the liquid evenly distributed on the surface of the whole wedge wire filter element, so that the flow distribution in the whole filter medium is uniform, and there is no negative effect of turbulence.
  • The liquid flows from the wedge wire screen filter element to the outside of the bag, and the particulate impurities filtered out are trapped in the filter element, so that the downstream liquid will not be polluted when the filter element is replaced, and the cleaning of the filtering system is convenient.
  • The handle designed in the wedge mesh filter element makes the filter element replacement fast and convenient.
  • The size of the wedge wire screen filter element is uniform and made of high-strength stainless steel wire mesh, which provides a large and smooth filtering surface for the filtering system.

Characteristics of Wedge Wire Filter Element Applied In Cutting Fluid Filtration

  • High mechanical strength.
  • It is not easy to block.
  • Easy to reverse cleaning.
  • High opening rate ensures a large flow of filtration system
  • The top-in design makes the replacement of the wedge wire filter element convenient and quick.
  • The uniformly distributed streamline makes the impurities in the wedge wire filter element evenly distributed.
  • Prevent fiber migration and ensure high filtration efficiency.
  • The closed filtration system, strong safety.