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A Kind Of Waste Water Resin Catcher


A Kind Of Waste Water Resin Catcher

The drainage of regeneration waste liquid from the positive regeneration tower of the second-stage fine treatment of condensate in the power plant is directly discharged into the ditch after being filtered by the resin trap and then discharged into the waste water pool through the ditch.

Resin traps are used when resins are used for online water treatment. When the quality of the resin is poor (not strong enough), the water pressure disturbance is large (especially high-pressure disturbance), and the resin cylinder wall is damaged, the resin will enter the entire water system. affect the normal operation of other devices in the system. Therefore, a resin trap needs to be installed.

The main purpose of the resin trap is to install a filter screen with a pore size much smaller than that of the resin on the water system pipeline near the outlet of the ion exchanger and other equipment equipped with resin. And has a flushing function. When the resin passes through, it can be intercepted and captured by the filter screen. Simultaneously, flushing is automatically performed by front and rear differential pressure to discharge trapped resin out of the system.

The resin filter used in the wastewater resin trap will be damaged after long-term use. The existing wastewater resin catcher does not have a replacement function, so the whole wastewater resin catcher needs to be replaced. Increased replacement costs for wastewater resin traps.

Beneficial effect

The utility model is detachable by replacing the wedge wire screen. This eliminates the need to replace the entire wastewater resin trap.

Reduced replacement costs. Through the front and rear mounting slots, left mounting slots, and right mounting openings, they are installed corresponding to the side columns, front columns, and rear columns respectively.

Preliminarily fix the replacement filter, and connect it with the positioning slot through the positioning lever. Then complete the replacement of the filter screen and fix it, and the rear column is fitted with the right installation port to seal the resin trap body.

To prevent waste resin from flowing out, start the cylinder to drive the sealing block to further seal the right installation port, thereby improving the sealing performance of the resin catcher body.