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Ballast Water Filter Element


Ballast Water Filter Element

Ballast water filter element for ballast water treatment(disposal) management system (BWMS).

Ballast water has a history of more than 100 years.
It appears together with steel hull vessels, it is estimated that between 10 and 12 billion tonnes of ballast water is transported around the globe each year, ballast water brings environmental problems that can not be ignored (ballast water invasive species).

Filtration is the theme of ballast water treatment system.
We are a stainless steel filter element manufacturer and provide the production service of stainless steel filtration elements – Ballast water filter element.

Material: Stainless steel 316, 316L, 904. Duplex Stainless Steel.
Filtering accuracy: 10 microns – 5000 microns
(the new regulations requires a maximum filtration accuracy of 50 microns).
Filter element type: 5 layers/4 layers sintered candle filter element
                                           Wedge wire candle filter element
Size: D:100 x H:1000, D:120 x H:800 or as your need.
Structure: Sintered filter type – Support layer, reinforcement layer, separation layer, protection layer, filter layer.
Wedge wire filter type – V shaped wire structure.
Application: ballast water filtration systems (filter element can be equipped for any ballast filtration system).
Vessels, freighters, oil tankers…

Ballast Water Filter Element Performance

  1. Accurate and stable filtering accuracy.
  2. Strong seawater corrosion resistance.
  3. Strong structure and high strength.
  4. Long operating times.
  5. Backwash.
  6. Convenient installation and low maintenance cost.

Sintered Metal Mesh Type Ballast Water Filter Element

Sintered filter element has been proved to be a good choice in ballast water treatment system and has become the mainstream product in the market.
Our company is one of the few manufacturers with vacuum sintering furnace. From raw materials to finished products, we have the ability to strictly control the quality.

  • 5 layers type.
    Support layer, reinforcement layer, separation layer, protection layer, filter layer.
  • 4 layers type.
  • Composite sintering type.
    The perforated plate and the metal woven screen are sintered together by the composite sintering process.
    Stronger structure and strong compression resistance.

We can customize it according to your requirements.

Wedge Wire Type Ballast Water Filter Element

Wedge filter element is also a good choice. It has the following advantages over sintered filter element:

  1. Vee wire structure, only two contact points with impurities, not easy to block, easy to clean.
  2. Johnson screenhas a large opening area, which can provide a larger filtering area.
  3. Low pressure drop.
  4. Stable filtering accuracy.

However, its disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher than that of the sintered filter element. If considering the cost, the sintered filter element is the first choice.

Our Quality Inspection System

Spectrum detection of raw materials
Raw material A923 test
Filter accuracy test
Filter strength test
Welding procedure qualification
Corrosion resistance test
Performance testing

Our company have an independent quality inspection team, and we can guarantee the perfect quality of the ballast water filter element with strict requirements.

We can customize metal filter elements for all brands of ballast water filtration systems, for example: HYDAC ballast water filter, AMIAD ballast water filter, FILTERSAFE ballast water filter and so on.
In addition, we can customize other types of metal filter elements used on ships (boats).