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Solution to bad dewatering of DSM screen

The feeding mode of demineralization DSM screen is changed from direct feeding to overflow, and the feeding is fed along the tangent line of DSM.After the transformation, the feeding is uniform in the width direction of the DSM screen, and can be fed into the DSM screen strictly according to the tangent direction, so that the effective area of…
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Sugar mill filtration

As the global demand for sugar and sugarcane ethanol increases, the number of sugar mills and refineries is also increasing.    The pressing process involves several stages of washing, and chopped and ground sugarcane is often mixed with water before the final product is achieved.    Sugar factories need efficient rotary juice screen to recycle not…
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Centrifuge Sugar Screens for Sugar Factory

Material: Stainless steel, nickel, other materials.Application: Sugarcane processing, sugar beet processing. Working Principle of Centrifuge Sugar Screens The principle of wedge wire centrifuge sugar screens is very simple. The material is fed axially from the feed pipe at the tapered end. A separating plate is fixed at the cone end of the screen basket, and the materials are…
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10 Microns Wedge Wire Screen Filter For Sugar Refinery

Bluslot® 10 microns V wire screen filter is ready for delivery, The total 100 sets of wedge wire screen filter will be used in a large American sugar refinery. Bluslot-S series Johnson screen sugar filter is specially designed for the fine filtration process in a sugar factory, with excellent working efficiency and service life. Bluslot®…
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Sugarcane Juice Screen

Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen – Johnson Screen Panel – Sieve Bend Screen For Sugar Cane Mill. In the past, in the process of sugarcane crushing and sugar making, the mixed juice of sugarcane contains a lot of crushed bagasse and sugarcane juice。 In the early 1990’s, sugar companies mostly used wedge wire screen panels…
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