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Coanda Screen


BLUSLOT coanda screen

We are a Johnson screen (wedge wire screen) manufacturer (supplier) in China. We are the largest manufacturer of the Coanda Hydro Intake Screen in northern China.

If you need a Coanda screen box, please send us detailed specification information, we will customize the perfect product for you.

what is a Coanda screen?

Bluslot coanda screen boxCoanda Hydro Intake Screen combines wedge wire technology and Coanda effects and is widely used in water conservancy projects, power plants, industrial area water, and agricultural irrigation.
The Coanda effect promotes stable contact with the Johnson screen surface. Place the profile wire within a precise and consistent gap clearance tolerance to screen out debris and particles.
We have more than 20 years of experience in Johnson screen product production. At present, we are the largest component manufacturer of the Coanda screen in northern China, providing customized services for more than 50 countries in the world.

Coanda Screen Types
◊  Single Screens
◊  Multiple Screen Installations
◊  Screens with integral sumps

Specifications of Coanda Screen

[One-piece welded construction]
Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L.

Slot size (aperture): 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm or as your need [0.1-2mm].
Profile wire tilt angle: 5 degrees or as your need.
Purpose: Remove trash, stones, leaves, and aquatic life from the stream.
Types: Single Screens, Multiple Screen (for larger hydro projects), Screens with integral sumps.
Application: Small hydro projects as well as for water supply for families, farms, villages and small towns. Hydropower station water withdrawal, water-saving plan, and irrigation plan.
Coanda screen fish passage.

Advantage of Coanda Screen

  1. Low maintenance costs.
  2. No moving parts required.
  3. Self-cleaning ability. Save maintenance costs and costs.
  4. High flow characteristics of wedge wire
  5. Wear and corrosion resistance (we use unique surface treatment patent technology).
  6. It can also work normally at low temperatures and is not affected by the environment.
  7. It does not cause damage to fish stocks.

(Coanda Effect) Also known as wall attachment or Konda effect.

When the fluid (water or airflow) moves away from its original direction, it will slow down when it rubs against the protruding surface.

As long as the curvature of the object surface is not very large, according to the Bernoulli principle in fluid mechanics, the slowing down of the flow velocity will cause the fluid to be adsorbed on the surface of the object to flow.
This effect is named after the Romanian inventor Henry CONDA.
The CONDA effect refers to the tendency of the fluid (flow or airflow) to flow away from the original flow direction and along with the protruding object surface.
The CONDA effect indicates that if the fluid flowing smoothly passes through a convex surface with curvature, it tends to adsorb on the convex surface.


If you DIY Coanda water screen, we can provide you with customized wedge wire screen and design consulting services.
Please provide us with the following specifications:

  1. Width of the profile wire.
  2. Profile wire slot size (gap size).
  3. Material (304 or 316, 316L)
  4. Size of the wedge wire screen panels and the bending angle.

We have an experienced technical team to provide you with professional advice.
We can provide customized and designs service of the Coanda intake screen for any hydro projects. (Our main production is the Johnson screen section).

hydropower plant intakes
water conservation schemes
irrigation programs

If you want to inquire about the cost of the Coanda screen, please leave us a message.