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Water Well Screen For Dewatering Wells


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Dewatering well (precipitation wells) are small wells that clear water in mine tunnels or mining sites. 

Generally, during the mining process, there is an underground tunnel drainage system that can be used, so that the water in the stope or tunnel is introduced into the precipitation wells at a certain distance along the ditch, and flows into the water tank through the underground tunnel connected to the precipitation well. It is then discharged to the ground by a pump through a special drainage well or directly out of the ground through a drainage tunnel.

The quality of the Johnson well screen is the key to the success of the dewatering well. The opening area ratio of the water well screen pipe in the construction of the precipitation well must be greater than 20%. 

Stainless steel water well screen is a new type of water filter, which has the advantages of high strength, high porosity and simple construction.

The water well pipe should be carried out continuously to avoid interruption. When inserting the well pipe, pay attention to avoid collapse of the bottom of the hole.

When the difference between the depth inside and outside the well pipe does not exceed the length of the sedimentation pipe, the filter material should be added continuously, and the thickness of the filter material should be measured as it is added until it reaches the predetermined position.

Precipitation wells play the role of lowering the groundwater level or dredging groundwater. There are deep and shallow depths. The depth is according to the requirements of precipitation. Deep precipitation wells can even reach 50 to 60 meters. Types of precipitation wells include light wells, tube wells, and vacuum wells. According to different principles, there are many types.

Type Of Water Well Screen of Dewatering Well

  1. Johnson well screen
    ① Continuous slotting structure and special V-shaped wire structure ensure the smoothness of water resource filtration.

    ② The Johnson well screen pipe body has a high-density uniform gap. Ensure the opening area and non-blocking of the water well screen pipe, and avoid the accumulation of sediment, not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also extends the service life of the well.
    ③ Advanced annular fusion welding technique, solid structure.
    ④ Good compression resistance.
    ⑤ wedge wire well screen filter specifications and connections can be manufactured according to different needs.
  2. Round hole water well
    Perforated water filter pipe / round hole pipe, outer diameter 219-820 mm, wall thickness 3-7 mm, round hole water filter pipe is widely used in water-permeable projects such as foundation precipitation wells, drinking water wells, observation wells, etc. Non-standard punching water filter with length, wall thickness and material.
  3. Bridge water well
    Bridge type water well screen is a kind of filter pipe with bridge hole.

After washing the precipitation wells, the actual depth of the precipitation wells should be checked and recorded in a timely manner.

During the precipitation period, the pumping condition shall be checked every day, and the change of groundwater around the foundation pit shall be observed and recorded.

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