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Johnson Screen Filter Element For Chocolate Filter


Johnson Screen Filter Element For Chocolate filter
We provide customized wedge wire filter (Johnson screen filter) for filtration&separation.
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Chocolate Filter Element

In the production of chocolate, it is very important to eliminate foreign objects.

Examples are air bubbles, unmixed lumps, or dander. To ensure final product quality, impurities must be removed.

Filtration equipment (self-cleaning filters) are essential in the production of chocolate.

Self-cleaning filters remove impurities from liquid chocolate.

Unlike traditional filter bags or basket filters, The filter has a reusable stainless steel wedge wire filter element and a self-cleaning wiper system to maximize productivity and reduce material loss.

We can provide customized service for wedge mesh filter element for chocolate filter equipment.
Product testing is often important when choosing the right filter element. Therefore, we have invested in a large number of testing equipment to ensure that our filter elements can meet the quality requirements. Let you buy with confidence.

The processing flow of pure chocolate is as follows:

Feeding → mixing → fine grinding → refining (spices and phospholipids) → screening (filtration & separation) → heat preservation → temperature adjustment → casting molding → vibration → cooling and hardening → demoulding → selection → packaging

Pretreatment of raw materials 

In order to facilitate the mixing operation of the raw materials and adapt the raw materials to the requirements of the production process, the raw materials are generally pretreated before being mixed for feeding.

(1) Pretreatment of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa butter substitute

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa butter are solid at normal temperature. They need to be melted before feeding, and then mixed and ground. Generally, the temperature after melting cannot exceed 60 ° C. In order to speed up the melting of raw materials and shorten the melting time, the large pieces can be divided into small pieces and then put into a heating device to melt.

The melted material needs to be filtered through a wedge wire filter.

  • Pretreatment of sugar

All kinds of chocolate are made of sugar as the basic raw material, and the general content is about 50%.

Generally, the crystal grains of granulated sugar are different in size. When the sugar plasmid is relatively large, it will feel rough when placed in the mouth, so that the delicateness that chocolate should have will disappear.

If the sugar is pulverized and ground into powder, the structure of the finished product will become fine and smooth, and it will also affect the taste and sweetness of chocolate to a certain extent.

If you directly grind sugar with other materials, it will extend the time. Therefore, you should first crush the sugar to a certain fineness, which is conducive to the mixing, refining and refining of the materials, and can make the fineness of the materials uniform.

(3) Pretreatment of milk powder 

For dairy products with high water content, the moisture must be removed first, and then the dried milk powder is sieved through the Johnson screen to mix the fine and uniform particles into the raw materials.

Method for dehydrating milk powder: Add a certain amount of sugar to the milk powder during heating. The amount is preferably 10% and 40% of the total formula, plus 10% water.

Drying is carried out in batches by using a shallow plate and a hot blast stove, or by using the continuous drying method of a belt stove or a fluidized bed system. The heating temperature of milk powder should not exceed 140 ℃. In the process of heating, all water will be lost, showing golden brown.

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