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Metal Filter Element Of Toothpaste Production Process


Catalog of viscous liquid filter element:
Toothpaste Production Filter Element | Soy Sauce Filter Element

Filtration is an important part of toothpaste production, Our Johnson Screen Filters are widely used in toothpaste filtration systems.
(Johnson screen, also known as wedge wire screen, wire wrapped screen, slotted screen and v wire screen, is a stainless steel metal filter )

Wedge Wire Screen Filter Element For Pure Water Equipment in Toothpaste Production

  1. Toothpaste production water must be properly filtered, ion-exchanged and sterilized, which not only meets the requirements of drinking water, but also meets the quality requirements of toothpaste production.
  2. The cooling water of the toothpaste machine can use tap water, but it must not have any intersection with the water used for toothpaste production.
  3. Toothpaste paste machine vacuum pump water can use tap water or clean groundwater, and must not have any intersection with the toothpaste production water.

Quartz sand filter: filled with quartz sand to absorb rust, mud sand, and large particles of impurities in the water to reduce turbidity and ensure the effect of lower filtration.
Wedge wire filter is an important filter element in quartz sand filters.

Activated carbon filter: filled with organic solvents such as colloid, organic matter, bleaching powder, etc.
Wedge wire screen filter nozzle applied to activated carbon filter.

Softener: filled with soft water resin to remove the calcium and magnesium plasma in water, reduce the hardness of water quality, and ensure the lower filtering effect.
Also known as resin exchanger.
The products applied are: Wedge wire resin trap screen, wedge wire filter nozzle.

Precision filter: filter out particles and bacteria above 0.2um in water to achieve high-precision filtration and ensure reverse osmosis into water.

Reverse osmosis unit: effectively removes charged ions, inorganic substances, colloidal particles, bacteria and organic substances in the water through the RO membrane, and efficiently desalinates to produce pure water.

Wire Wrapped Screen Filter For Paste Filtration Of Toothpaste

After the toothpaste is prepared through the paste making equipment and process requirements, the transfer pump transfers the paste directly from the paste machine to the paste storage tank for storage, It is then transferred to the filling machine for filling as needed.

Or directly transfer the paste from the paste machine to the filling machine hopper for filling.

Because the homogenizing effect of the paste making equipment is not complete, or foreign materials or impurities brought by the raw materials, there are often some small particles or clumps in the paste.

Even though it has been coarsely filtered through a conventional filter (including a filter element) before filling, due to the large pore diameter of the filter screen, the small clumps or foreign bodies in the paste cannot be effectively intercepted.

These lumps or foreign matter will be mixed in the paste and filled into the toothpaste tube, which will affect the quality of the toothpaste product and even affect the normal use of consumers.

Selection of filter element type is critical.

The wedge wire filter element has a continuous slotted structure, a special V-shaped wire structure, which is not easy to plug, a sturdy structure, and a stable filtering accuracy, which is very suitable for filtering viscous fluids.

Johnson Screen Filter For Wastewater Treatment of Toothpaste Factory

Toothpaste has many types and involves many chemical components. In order to clean and protect the gums, some toothpaste factories produce functional toothpaste.

There are many types and many choices for consumers. Therefore, the components of wastewater produced during the production of toothpaste are relatively complex.

The wastewater discharged from toothpaste production belongs to one of the chemical wastewater, which has high content of chemical components, low biodegradability, complex water quality components and high chroma.

No matter which filtration method is adopted, the primary filtration is essential.
Johnson vee wire screen filter element is the best choice.

We provide Johnson screen filter customized service for global toothpaste manufacturers.