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P-xylene (PX) support grid


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We provide professional Johnson screen para xylene support grid customization service.

Paraxylene (PX) is an important organic chemical raw material. In industry, countercurrent simulated moving bed adsorption separation technology (AST) is mainly used to produce high purity paraxylene.

As an internal component of the adsorption tower, the wedge wire screen PX support grid is one of the cores of the simulated moving bed adsorption separation technology.

According to the needs of practical applications, we have developed a support grid (internal component) for paraxylene adsorption and separation using high-quality stainless steel wire wrapped screen as the raw material.

– The structure is sturdy and durable, strong anti-corrosion ability, easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.
– V wire screen processed by advanced welding technology, the surface is smooth and flat, and the mesh gap/slot accuracy is high (0.1 ± 0.01mm).
– No false or missing welding.
– The internal channel partition of the Johnson screen grille(grid) is cut by laser and welded with the mesh and the frame skeleton to form a laser cladding. The integrated grille has high strength and tightness.
– Special cleaning process, more resistant to corrosion.

The Role Of Wedge Wire P-Xylene Support Grid

The grid divides the adsorption tower into several independent and connected adsorbent beds, n addition to supporting the adsorbent on the upstream adsorption bed and blocking it from entering the interior of the grid, its main function is to collect the fluid flowing in the upstream adsorption bed, and to introduce external fluids such as raw materials and desorbent into the adsorption tower.

Fluids such as pumped liquid and pumped liquid are pumped out of the adsorption tower to strengthen the mixing of the fluid inside the fluid, so that the fluid is evenly distributed to the downstream adsorption bed.

The complicated functions make the development of the wedge wire grid very difficult.

  1. Grille collects, mixes, and distributes fluid in the smallest possible space.
  2. Structure to support upstream adsorbent bed load.
  3. The diameter of the adsorption tower is generally 3 ~ 8m, and some super large devices can reach 11m, The height of each adsorption bed is generally about 1m, and it is extremely difficult to achieve uniform distribution of logistics in such a small cake bed with a high height / diameter ratio.
    The composition and flow rate of the fluid flowing through the grid varies greatly during each step time in the simulated moving bed process, it has a great impact on performance indexes such as the pressure drop, mixing and distribution effects of the wedge wire support grid.

We have accumulated many years of production experience. Through the technical research and development of the technical department, we have a mature production process for the production of Paraxylene (PX) supporting grid.

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