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Catalyst Support Grid


Catalyst Support Grid

Wedge Wire Catalyst Bed Support Grid Manufacturer

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Media retention Catalyst Support Grid is a Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel Used To Support Catalyst Media.

With the continuous enlargement of oil refining equipment, the inner diameter of the reactor is getting larger and larger, and the size and weight of the internal parts are also increasing.

A wedge wire screen catalyst support grid plays an important role.

High strength
Long service life
No collapse
Corrosion resistance
Flow characteristics

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. Chromium-molybdenum alloy [2.25 Cr-1Mo], or as your need.

Application: petrochemical and refining industries. Hydrogenation reactor, desulfurization reactor, cracking reactor, reactor vessel, High-Temperature Shift Reactorgas, desulfurization reactor, filler chemicals, molecular sieve… etc.

Catalyst support grid is composed of support girder (T-type or I-type), catalyst support grid and upper V-type wire wrapped screen.

The two sides of the girders rest on the bosses on the reactor wall, and the grid is placed on the girders and bosses. V-wire screen or two layers of thick and thin stainless steel mesh shall be welded on the grid, and magnetic ball and catalyst shall be filled on the upper part of the grid.

The catalyst support girder and grid shall have enough high-temperature strength and rigidity. It is not only required that the bending deformation is very small at high temperature, but also has certain corrosion resistance. Therefore, the girder, grid and wire mesh are generally made of stainless steel.

In the design, the weight of catalyst and magnetic ball on the catalyst support plate, the weight of catalyst support plate itself, bed pressure drop and operating liquid weight are considered, and the structural dimensions of the support beam and grid are calculated.

Advantages of our Catalyst Support Grid

  1. High strength

We are the first batch of wedge wire screen manufacturers in China, with rich production experience and mature production technology.

Especially the welding process, after years of technical research and development, advanced welding equipment, so that our welding technology can meet the needs of customers.

Even in hydrocracking and desulfurization reactors, it can easily resist collapse or bending (in these reactors, the catalyst support grid must withstand a load of 350 kPa or more).

  1. Accurate gap (slot) size
    Minimum slot size: 10 microns.

It can reliably retain fine catalyst, resin or molecular sieve.

Because of the continuous slotting structure of the wedge wire screen, even though the gap/slot size is small, it has a higher opening area compared with other wire mesh products.

  1. The special surface treatment process
    We have a special surface treatment process for the finished product. Unlike pickling, this method is more environmentally friendly.
    The surface of the product is smoother after treatment, reducing the wear of the material on the screen.
  2. Detachable structure for easy assembly.
    Customized and design according to customer requirements.
  3. Automatic cleaning, high screening efficiency.

The smooth screen surface increases the anti-corrosion ability of the product and increases its service life.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. The support beam of the catalyst bed support grid is heavy, and it is easy to cause the grid to deform.
  2. The space between the support beam and the support grid is easy to cause the problem of poor ventilation effect.

Need to provide the supplier with specific specifications and data about the product’s environment before purchase.

We have a professional technical team, which can provide customers with product design and customized service of catalyst bed support grid.