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Cylindrical Filter Baskets For Huber Screw Press Separator


Huber proved that screw press separator is the best solution for dewatering.

Bluslot offers high-quality filter basket screen replacement for the Huber sludge screw press separator.

Our products can be whole or can be made into several parts according to customer needs and assembled together.

Advantage of Bluslot Axially Dividable Filter Basket Screen

  • High-quality raw materials, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life.
  • V-shaped wire structure, It is not easy to be blocked by sludge.
  • Easy to backwash, more thorough cleaning.
  • High opening rate and energy saving.
  • The cylindrical filter baskets can be customized into three or two parts according to the demand, which is more convenient for installation and maintenance.