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Delivery of backwash filter element


Brand: Bluslot
Type: Wedge wire screen
Material: Stainless steel 304
OD: 500mm
Height: 1000mm
Slot size: 150 microns

When water enters the filter element from the water inlet of the fully automatic self-cleaning filter, impurities will be intercepted on the inner wall of the filter element, and the filtered clean water will flow out of the outlet. When more and more impurities are found on the inner wall of the filter element, when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the cleaning filter reaches the preset value or reaches the cleaning time, or is prefabricated manually, the filter will start the self-cleaning process.

The system continuously flows during the cleaning process, and the whole operation process of the automatic cleaning filter is controlled by the intelligent control box equipped with the machine.

The control methods can choose pressure difference, time, manual, and PLC control.

The manufacturing process of backwash filter

  • The structure and function of the backwash filter are designed, and the structure is compact. The integral forming and processing technology of filter shells can avoid all kinds of leakage caused by the welding of steel filter shells.
  • The anti-corrosion performance of high-strength ductile iron material for backwash filters is good, and the service life of the product is prolonged.
  • The exclusive design and manufacturing technology of the wedge wire filter element of the backwash filter ensures that the high-precision filter element will never be worn, and the pressure inspection will never be deformed. The factory precision test meets the user’s requirements.
  • Both coarse and fine wedge wire filter screens of backwash filter are made of stainless steel welded mesh and screen mesh, which are composed of inner and outer double-layer structure. Because the filter element is cleaned actively, it enhances its anti-interference ability, cleans it clean, and is especially suitable for poor water quality conditions.

The principle of automatic backwashing and sewage discharge of backwash filter

  • Working filtration: when the backwash filter works normally, the water flow steering valve is open. After the water to be treated passes through the wedge wire filter screen, the fine particles, impurities, and suspended solids in the water are deposited near the sewage outlet due to the inertia principle
  • Flushing and sewage: when the backwash filter is washed normally, the water flow steering valve is open. When the filter screen intercepts the small particles and suspended substances in the water to a certain amount, open the valve on the blowdown port, that is, the impurities stuck in the filter collection section will be flushed until the discharge water is clear due to the function of water flow. Then close the valve on the drain port to enter a normal operation state.
  • Backwash blowdown: when the backwash filter is backwashed, the water flow steering valve is closed and the blowdown valve is opened. At this time, the water flow is forced to enter the interlayer between the outer side of the wedge wire filter cylinder and the shell from the inlet mesh of the filter cylinder, and the impurities adhered to the mesh are washed from the outer side of the filter cylinder in the reverse direction, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter screen. As the steering valve is closed, the water flow rate increases after passing through the backwash valve, and the backwashing effect is improved.