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Wedge wire with title angle


The sieve bend screen is also called DSM screen, It is widely used in river water intake and circulating water filtration systems.

Bluslot has summed up a production process that can greatly improve the screening efficiency and service life of the product from more than 20 years of wedge wire screen production and sales experience.
For this reason, Bluslot has built an independent production line to ensure the product quality and production speed of the sieve bend screen.

The arc-shaped sieve bend screen used in river water intake is shown in the picture below (delivered to France today). In this industry, we call it the Coanda screen. It is generally composed of two parts, a wedge-shaped net, and other stainless steel parts.

AISI 316L Parabolic Screen

johnson wedge wire coanda screen

wedge wire coanda screen

Core technologies

It is well known that the wedge wire screen has a firm structure, a large flow rate, and is not easy to be blocked, so it is widely used in river water intake projects.
This product series applies the Coanda effect. The water flows along the surface of the screen and receives the cutting action of the screen. The solid matter is trapped on the surface of the screen, completing the first filtration process for the water intake project.

Inclined wedge wire: The screening efficiency of the wedge wire with an inclined angle is twice that of a flat and smooth wedge wire. Bluslot was used to damage the mold during the first wedge wire mesh production ten years ago. The surface of the wedge wire was not smooth and formed an uneven inclination angle.
When our quality inspectors found out, new ideas appeared in their minds. If we can produce a wedge wire with a uniform inclination angle, it will be more widely used in the fluid screening industry. 
So two years later, after a lot of experiments, Bluslot succeeded.
Currently, Bluslot can produce wedge wires with inclination angles of 3 degrees to 15 degrees. Since different use environments require different tilt angles, Bluslot has made dating for this

In the river water intake project, it is necessary to intercept the leaves, large particles of impurities, fish and shrimps and other debris in the water, and the wedge net is the most suitable filter material. It has a large circulation rate, is not easy to be blocked, has a firm structure, has no moving parts, and has a low cost of use. It is loved by users.

Bluslot has a wealth of production experience for this product and can design, produce and transport according to customer needs.