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Working principle of crawler hydraulic direct push drilling rig


Crawler type hydraulic direct push drilling machine is a kind of soil sampling equipment with high recognition in the market. Although this kind of equipment has high sampling efficiency, its price is also frighteningly high. For some powerful enterprises, it is also a symbol of capacity. After all, a million yuan soil sampling equipment can not be purchased by small-scale enterprises.

Since it’s called hydraulic direct push, what kind of hydraulic direct push method is it?

In fact, the principle is very simple. Crawler drill is an integrated soil sampling drill, which combines the drill frame, power head, hydraulic system, power system and crawler chassis.

The advantage of this kind of drilling rig is that it has strong performance and can move by itself. When drilling, only the underground part and the drilling rig need to be operated manually. Moreover, this kind of drill can be adapted to drill with larger diameter drill pipe.

Their theoretical drilling depth is about 30m, so they often appear in various site investigations, such as geoprobe, PP and tec. At present, it is the backbone of site investigation in China.

The so-called hydraulic direct push is to put pressure on the power head through the hydraulic downward pressure of the oil cylinder, so that the drilling of the power head is more efficient, and it can have a certain ability to break through the backfill soil.

The weight of the drilling rig is generally calculated by tons, so the weight of the drilling rig can also be used as the counterweight to exert pressure on the power head, which can replace the manual pressure and better carry out the drilling work.

In addition, the hydraulic direct push drilling rig has more than one function. For example, TEC drilling rig has not provided two sets of functional systems, SPT drop hammer system and two speed rotary system. The principle of SPT drop hammer system is related to the standard penetration test. The hammer weight of this system is 63.5kg, and the drop distance reaches 76mm, which fully conforms to the international parameters for SPT standard.

This system can not only do standard penetration test, but also can do ultra dynamic probe test and larger diameter shallow soil sampling. At present, the drilling depth of this system in soft soil can reach 14m, but it will be very difficult to continue to drill deeper, and the footage speed will be very slow.

There are two main functions of the dual speed rotary system. One is rotary drilling. No matter it is combined with spiral drill pipe or rotary soil sampling tool, it can achieve the functions of soil drilling and rotary drilling to take representative samples. Its speed is not fast, and it can also be used in breaking concrete and taking rock, but the efficiency is not very high.

The other is the construction of groundwater monitoring well, which can cope with the construction of groundwater monitoring well with the hollow screw drill pipe system.

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