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Drum Screen for Turkey Feather and Viscera Processing


Bluslot has just designed a new environmental and energy-saving wedge wire drum screen for a turkey factory in the United States.

  • Type: Wedge wire screen
  • Material: Stainless steel 304.
  • First screen: 0.04 inches.
  • Second screen: 0.02 inches.

Processing Capacity

  • 28000 turkeys are processed every day.
  • Average 42-47 pounds per animal.
  • It runs 5 days a week.
  • More than 230 million pounds of Turkey are produced each year.
  • Handle feather viscera and other materials.

Cleaning of Wedge Wire Drum Screen

Clogging is the most difficult problem to solve in traditional drum screen (such as perforated drum screen). Poultry fat and other smooth particles are easy to block the mesh of the sieve screen, and the working efficiency of the sieve barrel will be greatly reduced, the unfiltered material will also increase greatly.
Traditional screen cleaning is not only difficult to operate, but also a great waste of water resources (Especially turkey processing).
The Bluslot wedge wire drum screen is not easy to block, but also very easy to clean. The water consumption is only one tenth of that of the traditional screen.

Work Efficiency

Wedge wire drum screen can avoid clogging and maintain high efficiency for a long time. However, with the increase of service time or without regular backwashing, the working efficiency of the equipment will be affected.
Therefore, in addition to improving the durability of the product, bluslot uses wedge wire with an inclined angle when designing the product.
The wedge wire with an inclined angle can cut the material, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the product. Generally, our inclination angle is between 3 degrees and 15 degrees.

Roundness of Wedge Wire Drum Screen

With the growth of service time, the roundness of the drum screen will appear problems, which is fatal to the normal operation of the equipment.
Bluslot’s V wire drum screen adopts the most advanced annular fusion welding process, and the welding point between the V-shaped wire and the supporting rod is very firm.
High roundness and coaxiality are the most competitive advantages of bluslot. We can guarantee perfect roundness and coaxiality.