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Filter element for fluidized bed


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in fluidized bed.

Our main products: Johnson type centerpipes & Vee wire scallop.

Fluidized bed, referred to as fluidized bed for short, is a reactor that uses gas or liquid to make solid particles in a suspended state through the granular solid layer, and carries out gas-solid reaction process or liquid-solid reaction process. When used in gas-solid system, it is also called fluidized bed.

There are obvious two phases in poly fluidized bed: mainly the bubble phase (also known as dilute phase) of gas; The emulsion phase (also known as particle phase or dense phase) composed of particles and gas between particles, in which both bubbling fluidized bed and turbulent fluidized bed belong to polymeric fluidization. The dispersed fluidized bed refers to the fluidized bed in which particles are evenly distributed in the bed. It is generally found in liquid-solid fluidized bed and also in high-density gas fluidized bed.