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Introduction of automatic self-cleaning slope screen manure separator


The problem of blockage of slope screen manure separator used in the large-scale breeding farm has not been solved, Blulsot has developed a patented product: fully automatic self-cleaning slope screen manure separator.

The equipment model supporting self-cleaning system at present: BLU-1200, BLU-1500.

The best material: Pig manure.

Working principle of automatic self-cleaning slope screen manure separator

  • The fully automatic integrated slope screen manure separator has manual and automatic modes, which can be selected according to the demand.
  • First, start the mixer for mixing, and start the delivery pump after mixing for a certain period of time.
  • When the sewage flows from the water tank to the inclined screen, start the main machine to separate.
  • After separation for a certain period of time, it is found that the inclined screen has poor water seepage, the top is blocked, and the sewage flows to the bottom to squeeze the winch, and the water pump is stopped when the water is too much.
  • Then start to flush the slope screen, and start the delivery pump again when the screen gap is fully penetrated.
  • Set the automatic mode in such a mode that manual operation is not required after the automatic mode. The advantage of the automatic mode is to reduce the number of people. The slope screen has been separating under the condition of a good seepage effect. The number of feces and sewage separation is large, and the separated materials are relatively dry.
  • The washing function is equipped with a high-pressure swing type positive and negative washing nozzle, which has the characteristics of clean washing, a large washing area, and no dead angle. When the machine is equipped with a cover, the water will not fall outside the machine.

Features of screen washing function of slope screen manure separator

Screen washing function is a positive washing and backwashing two washing.
First, backwashing is to flush the screen gap thoroughly from the bottom of the wedge wire screen, and then forward flushing is used to flush the manure that is backwashed onto the screen into the conveying system.
In this way, the screen can be washed thoroughly. If it is only backwashing without positive washing, it is not washed thoroughly. Because it’s easy to hang the manure on the screen wedge wire after backwashing, it can be completely washed on the positive side.
The screen washing way is swing type because only swing washing can wash a wider area, no dead angle, better washing.

Considering the practical use problems, we adopt a high stability self-cleaning circuit operating system, which can run without fault for a long time. Customers should not worry about the failure of the inclined screen separator caused by circuit failure.

At present, this patented equipment has been highly praised by the market, with simple operation, good self-cleaning effect, and high working efficiency of the equipment. Bluslot has started global sales in February 2021 and can provide customized services to customers all over the world.