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How to choose separator?


The dry-wet manure separator can achieve sterilization, fertilizer conservation, odor removal, and other effects, with high economic and ecological benefits.
The treated dry manure can be used as organic fertilizer, water can enter the reservoir for fish culture, and solid matter can be used as green organic fertilizer. It has a wide range of uses. How to choose a high-quality 180 type manure separator?

Different models of manure separators have different processing capacities. If the scale of breeding is not very large, it is obviously a bit wasteful to be equipped with a relatively high model of machine. It needs to be equipped with suitable equipment according to the actual situation. The specific selection basis is as follows:

  • Pay attention to the material and coating quality of equipment when purchasing pig manure dry and wet separators.
    Manure separators from different manufacturers use different materials, and the coating used on the surface of the equipment is also different. Therefore, in the purchase, we should pay attention to the hardness and corrosion resistance of the material, the nature, and quality of the coating, and the requirements for dehydration to select the appropriate manure separator equipment.
  • Make clear the process requirements of solid-liquid separation
    Before purchasing the solid-liquid separation machine, we must first make clear the separation problems to be solved, the process requirements of each separation, the hygiene requirements, toxicity, foaming, and other factors that have a great impact on the selection of separation equipment.
  • Determine the settlement characteristics of the materials to be separated
    Firstly, the settlement characteristics of the material are tested by measuring cylinder settlement. The method is to put the material sample to be separated into the measuring cylinder and shake it well, then allow it to settle, measure the height of the clear liquid layer half an hour later, determine the settlement speed, and measure the sediment volume ratio 24 hours later.
  • Determination of filtration characteristics of separated materials
    The filtration characteristics of materials are determined by the Brinell funnel test. The method of the Brinell funnel test is to determine the time required to filter a certain amount of samples. The top feeding leaf filter device can also be used to directly determine the thickness of the filter cake, and then calculate the growth rate of the filter cake.
  • Primary selection of solid-liquid separation equipment model
    Through the above three, we have roughly determined the solid-liquid separation process requirements and some characteristics of material separation, then the next key problem is to purchase solid-liquid separation equipment according to these requirements.
    I believe the above introduction can help you choose a suitable manure separator. Pig manure separator not only helps farmers solve the problem of manure treatment but also saves time and improves work efficiency. It can not only protect the environment but also create more additional benefits for breeding users.