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Development of multifunctional drill pipe screen


The multi-function protective drill pipe screen is based on the ordinary Kelly protection drill pipe screen, which has two functions, namely, the splash-proof drilling fluid function and the drill pipe screen function. Compared with the drill pipe screen with similar functions, the multi-functional protection drill pipe screen has the advantages of simple process and low cost.

In an oilfield drilling operation, a lot of drilling fluid always flows from the water hole of the Kelly to the drill floor after a single Kelly is connected and lifted out of the hole. This not only wastes drilling fluid but also worsens the operating environment and is harmful to health.

At present, there are two kinds of tools to solve this problem in oilfield:
The old drill pipe anti-splash drilling fluid drill pipe screen and lower Kelly suspension plug, but the production cost of these two tools are high, the process is complex, and some lack of safety protection device.
The multifunctional protective drill pipe screen not only solves the problem of anti-splashing drilling fluid but also greatly reduces the cost. The production process is simple, the field operation is convenient, the practicability is strong, and the safety pin is installed, which is safe and reliable.

In jet drilling, a drill pipe screen is often used to prevent the bit from blocking the water hole. This is particularly important in jet drilling and special processes.
But this old drill pipe screen has a big disadvantage, which is easy to damage the drill pipe and cause engineering accidents.
The multi-function protection drill pipe screen has the function of a drill pipe screen and prevents the disadvantage of drilling pipe from being broken.

Working principle of drill pipe screen:

After the multi-functional protection drill pipe screen is connected with the drill pipe, the rigid ball is supported by the lifting ring of the filter, and the water hole is connected.
When a single pipe is connected, the shackle lifts the Kelly, and the rigid ball blocks the water hole of the bottom cover under the action of gravity so that the drilling fluid in the Kelly can not flow out. Then take out the filter, put it into the rat hole drill pipe and connect it with the upper drill pipe.
The steel ball is supported by the lifting ring of the filter, and the water hole is connected.