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Metal Resin Trap


Metal Resin Trap

Resin traps are often used in ion exchange systems. During the operation of the ion exchange system, there will often be resin in the exchange water. 

Once these resins enter the ion exchanger, they will cause the malfunction of the ion exchanger. At this time, the resin trap is needed to capture the resin and prevent the resin from entering the circulating water. 

Many resin traps are currently not equipped with a discharge device. This allows the resin to build up in the trap and sometimes operators forget to clean the resin. It is possible to let the resin re-enter the circulating water, and there is a risk of entering the ion exchange. 

Technical solutions 

  • Quick snap metal resin catcher, including discharge tube and delivery tube. 
  • The discharge tube is located on the underside of the delivery tube. 
  • The discharge pipe is made of stainless steel. 
  • The lower end of the discharge pipe is connected to a discharge part. 
  • The discharge part is a discharge net bag. 
  • The unloading part is flexibly connected to the unloading pipe. 
  • The conveying pipe is provided with a catching part inside. 
  • The filter uses a wedge wire screen.   
  • One side of the discharge part is connected to the discharge pipe through a folded louver. 
  • The other side of the unloading part is connected with the unloading pipe through a movable hasp. 
  • A viewing window is arranged on the discharge pipe, and the viewing window is located on the discharge part. 
  • The delivery pipe is provided with a connecting flange. 
  • Connection holes are distributed on the flange. 
  • The connecting holes are bolt holes. 

The delivery pipe and discharge pipe are connected to each other to form a herringbone shape.


There is a discharge part at the bottom of the discharge pipe, which can load and unload the resin out of the catcher in time.  

Avoid re-entry of the resin into the ion exchange. Ensure the normal operation of the ion exchange. 

There is a window on the unloading part, which is convenient for observing the resin in the unloading part. 

It is convenient to clean the resin trap filter in time. Keep abreast of the capture of resin in the tube. There is a water-blocking layer on the delivery pipe to avoid corrosion of the pipe wall and prolong the service life of the delivery pipe.