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Parabolic Screen


Bluslot Parabolic Screen

What is Parabolic Screen?

The parabolic screen is also called the sidehill screen and run-down screen, it uses the Coanda effect to remove impurities in materials at low cost.

It is a static dewatering screen widely used in the water treatment industry.

Wedge wire screen with bending angle has a better solid-liquid separation effect than wedge wire screen panels.

Free design services

We can design parabolic screen filter that meet the usage requirements based on customer needs.

Specifications Of The Parabolic Screen Filter

  1. Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, or 316L.
  2. Width of the sieve bend screen: 200 – 3500 mm (or as your need).
  3. Length of the sieve bend screen: 950 – 1800 mm (or as your need).
  4. Flow: Customized according to customer requirements.
  5. Slot size: 0.2mm – 2.0mm.
  6. Housing thick: 3mm or as your need.

Product specifications are customized by customer needs. For different requirements of capacity, the size of the product will change.
We have a professional technical team that will assist customers to design qualified products together.

Why chose us?

The key component of the parabolic screen is the high-quality wedge wire screen, we are the largest wedge wire screen (Johnson screen) manufacturer in northern China, and we have huge advantages in the production process of wedge wire screen products.

In addition to quality raw materials, the following points are also important:

  1. Wedge wire welding process.
    We use the most advanced circular fusion welding technology on the market, which makes the welding place more firm and does not cause wire stripping.
  2. Wedge wire tilt angle.
    This is a difficult problem in the production of wedge wire mesh. We can produce wedge wire mesh products with a highly uniform inclination angle to meet the special needs of customers.
  3. Special surface treatment technology.
    Unlike ordinary pickling and polishing, we use a special physical surface treatment technology that can increase the service life of the product by more than 40%.

Upgrade model of the Parabolic Rundown Screens

On the basis of the original we have added a spiral extrusion system, dehydration of solid impurities for subsequent processing.
(auger + screw press screen)
In addition, there is vibration on the screen, which makes it easier to clean up the debris on the screen and prevent blocking.

Working principle:

  1. Impurities enter the V-shaped wire screen.
  2. Conveyed forward under the squeeze of auger.
  3. During this process, impurities are squeezed, and the water that comes out flows out of the screen.
    The moisture content of the impurities after dewatering is about 40%.

Advantages of Parabolic Screen

  1. No moving parts, low operating costs and low maintenance costs.
  2. Simple installation (we will provide installation video or manual).
  3. V-shaped wire, continuous slotted structure, not easy to block and easy to clean.
  4. Long service life.


Industrial and urban sewage treatment
Fruit, drinks and vegetable processing
Dewatering of waste grains in Breweries
Coal mine screening
Paper & Pulp mill
Solid liquid separation in slaughterhouse
Chemical industry
Sugar industry
Timber processing
Plastic products

If you are interested in parabolic screen separator or want to inquire about other Johnson screen products, please leave me a message.