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Prepacked Screen


Due to the comprehensive factors such as oil, water and gas well production and operation, the formation near the bottom is destroyed, which causes the exfoliated formation sand to enter the well pipe with the formation fluid, which adversely affects oil and gas production.
Best solutions – Prepacked Screen.

We have accumulated many years of rich production experience and can provide a variety of prepacked screen design solutions to customers worldwide.
The multi-layer Johnson pre packed screen pipe is an improvement of the double-layer pipe. The addition of a gravel layer plays a better role in sand control, and is especially suitable for loose stratum structures.
This design is very suitable for geology with high filtration accuracy requirements, fine sand, and even direct drinking water.

Applications: It is widely used in oil, gas and water wells to achieve sand control.

Composition structure
Base pipe, fully welded wedge wire well screen pipe and intermediate filling filter.
The base pipe adopts API standard casing, oil pipe drilling or slitting. The design with better filtering effect is wedge wire screen pipe as the base pipe.

Pre-filled sand packing
Resin coated and consolidated sand (can provide other types of sand), Ceramic ball.
With the advancement of technology, we have replaced some of the pellets with ceramic balls. The content and application range of ceramic balls adopt water treatment standards, and the special design of ceramic balls facilitates cleaning and repeated application of pre-pack well screen pipes.

Advantages and Characteristics of Double-Layer Prepacked Screen

  1. Suitable for oil, water and gas wells, especially wells in loose formations.
  2. The double-layer gravel-filled pipe has a unique structure and is easy to install.
  3. Stainless steel material, strong anti-corrosion ability.
  4. The double-layer gravel-filled pipe can reduce the workload of the construction personnel and greatly shorten the time for well drilling.
  5. Excellent overall strength and resistance to deformation.
    The inner part is supported by the base pipe, and the outer protective sleeve can be added to enhance the protection as required. It has sufficient overall strength to resist compression deformation of the formation. Even when locally deformed, the gap in the pressured part does not increase, and the sand control reliability is high.
  6. The gap density of high density and low flow resistance is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary slotted screen pipe, and the flow resistance is low, which is conducive to improving oil and gas production.

The Significance Of Prepacked Screen Sand Prevention

  1. Sand particles may deposit in the well and form sand plugs, reducing production.
  2. Grit will wear out wells and surface equipment, pump pumps import and export Vers, pistons, bushings, etc.
  3. Wells with severe sand production may also cause the collapse of the well wall and damage the casing and liner, and the sand-buried oil layer may result in the shutdown of oil and gas wells, which significantly increases the difficulty and cost of oil production.
  4. Pollution of the environment, especially offshore oil and gas fields.

We are the largest Johnson screen manufacturer in North China, with rich experience in Johnson well screen pipe (prepacked screen) production, and can provide customized services for customers around the world.