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Wedge Wire Basket


Wedge wire screen basket & strainer for dewatering, separation and collection.
Wedge wire screen deep-processing products, V-shaped wire structure, are widely used in centrifuges, reactors and various industrial filters.

Steel grade: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. 904. UNS S32750.
Profile wire (width): 0.75×1.5, 1×2, 1.5×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×5 or as your need.
Slot size: 0.02 – 10mm.
Min diameter: 16mm.
Max Length: 6000mm.
There are multiple longitudinal and transverse ribs on the outside of the wedge-shaped basket, which greatly enhances the crushing strength of the wedge wire basket.


Ring welding technology
It is currently the most advanced welding process in wedge wire screen production.
Advantage: The weld between the profile wire and the support rod is stronger, no stripping or deformation.

Patented surface treatment technology
Surface treatment is the last process in the production of wedge wire basket.

Unlike ordinary pickling / polishing, we have developed the most advanced physical cleaning process at present.
The surface of the treated product is smoother, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the product by more than 40%.

High roundness and coaxiality
The coaxiality correction equipment guarantees the high roundness and coaxiality of our products.


Wedge wire centrifugal baskets – can be customized for all coarse and fine coal centrifuge machines.
Structure: Wedge Wire Basket + Flange + Frame.
Coffee extraction in the food industry

Chemical and potassium industry
mining industry, Coal dewatering

Wedge wire outlet collector basket – A cylindrical screen at the bottom of the vessel / reactor for retaining, supporting and eliminating catalyst / medium migration. This type of screen can also be used as an inlet distributor at the top of the vessel / reactor.
It is placed on the bottom of the container to collect the treated liquid or gas, retain the catalyst, sand, molecular sieve or activated carbon and distribute the flow during the backwash and regeneration process.
Catalyst Reactors (reactor internals)
Mole Sieve Absorbers
Carbon Bed
Ion Exchangeers
Clay Filters
Gravity Filters

Wedge wire pressure screen basket – Widely used in pulp and paper mills.

Wedge Wire Screen Basket Vs Perforated Basket

Wedge wire type has more advantages:

  1. Strong mechanical structure and strong compression resistance.
  2. Large opening area, high work efficiency.
  3. V-shaped wire structure, not easy to block, and easier to clean.
  4. Continuous slotted structure, more stable filtration and separation ability.

Why chose us

  1. High strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. Advanced circular welding technology.
  3. Perfect coaxiality / roundness.
  4. Smooth surface and strong corrosion resistance.
  5. Wear resistance.
  6. Large opening area, strong separation / filtration ability.

Our service

  1. Customized wedge wire basket service for various models (ODM & OEM).
  2. The technical team provides product design, 3D drawing, and finished product efficiency testing services.
  3. Product quality after-sales service.
  4. Product installation and maintenance instructions.

If you are interested in wedge wire screen basket or other Johnson screen products, you can leave us a message.