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Screw Press Screen For Beef Cattle Manure Separator


Screw Press Screen For Beef Cattle Manure Separator

Beef cattle manure separator is a kind of dewatering equipment, which can discharge the water in the excrement from the screw press screen basket by screw extrusion.

The screw press screen filter is a wedge wire screen filtration product, which has a firm structure and is not easy to be blocked. It can run stably for a long time. Bluslot provides customized services for various specifications of screen basket for customers of solid-liquid separators all over the world.

Why is it necessary to treat meat and beef cattle dung?

  • In the production of beef cattle, cow dung is usually treated as waste, which has a huge cost.
  • The purpose of cattle manure management in beef cattle farms is to promote the health of cattle and improve the feed utilization rate and weight gain rate of cattle, prevent the environmental pollution of cow manure (water, land, and air pollution), and effectively use the residual nutrients in cow manure.
  • It can consume nearly one ton or more feed in the whole life of beef cattle. Part of this feed is converted into beef cattle body tissue and part of it is converted into cow dung (including dung and urine).
  • At least 2 tons of cow dung is discharged from the cattle shed, and the amount of dung and urine is almost equal.
  • Therefore, cow dung has enough nutrients and energy to support the eggs, stinky microorganisms, and consume oxygen in the water. If the dung of cattle farm is not handled properly, it will cause great pollution to the environment.
  • In large-scale animal husbandry, antibiotics are widely used to prevent animal diseases, promote the growth of livestock and poultry, and improve the efficiency of food intake. For a long time, antibiotics have been widely used in aquaculture with therapeutic and sub-therapeutic doses. About 75% of antibiotics can not be absorbed by animals and remain in the feces. With the feces entering the environmental media, soil, especially agricultural species, is produced Planting soil has become a huge reservoir of veterinary antibiotics.
  • The animal manure is composed of undigested feed nutrients, in vivo metabolites, gastrointestinal mucosa, secretions, intestinal microorganisms, and their decomposition products. These substances make the water of livestock manure mainly composed of adsorption water and capillary water which are difficult to remove, and the proportion of gravity water that is easy to remove is small. How to destroy the water storage structure of livestock and poultry manure, and change the adsorption water and capillary water which is not easy to remove into gravity water is the key to reduce the water content of livestock manure.

Beef manure dewatering is the best solution.

Compared with heating dewatering and biological dehydration, mechanical extrusion has lower energy consumption and a shorter cycle. Therefore, mechanical dehydration is widely used in dehydration.

The screen basket filter produced by bluslot is widely used in various types of cattle manure dewatering equipment.