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Softened Water Pipe Resin Trap


Softened Water Pipe Resin Trap

The softening process of water quality in the continuous casting water treatment system is raw water pump-pipeline-softener-pipeline-soft water tank.

The softener is an important piece of equipment for water treatment. Resin is the only medium for softening water in the softener. Once the resin is lost, it will not only cause waste of raw materials but also increase processing costs.

Moreover, it will cause the softener to not work normally, the water quality cannot be softened, and it will cause scaling in the pipeline, which will seriously affect the smooth progress of production.

The utility model aims to provide a device that can filter out and recycle the resin in the pipeline. Softened water pipe resin traps to avoid resin loss and reduce pipe fouling.


A resin trap for softening water pipes. It is characterized by:

  • It is composed of a resin trap filter, steel filter screen, and upper cover. 
  • The upper end of the cylindrical wedge wire filter has a connecting edge. 
  • The lower end has an arc-shaped cylinder bottom, the lower side is provided with a water inlet, and the middle of the cylinder bottom is provided with a discharge port.
  • The filter cartridge is provided with an arc-shaped upper cover, the upper end of the upper cover is provided with a water outlet, and the lower end is provided with a connecting edge. 
  • A cylindrical steel strainer is housed in the filter cartridge. 
  • The upper end of the steel strainer has an outward edge. 
  • The everted edge is fixed between the upper cover and the connecting edge of the resin trap filter by bolts. 
  • There are connecting flanges on the water inlet, water outlet, and discharge port. 
  • The lower edge of the steel screen is higher than the upper edge of the water inlet. 
  • The mesh of the steel filter is 1.3~1.6mm. 

Beneficial effect 

When it is found that the flow rate of the softener becomes smaller through the measurement of the flow meter, open the discharge port at the bottom of the filter cartridge. Check for resin present.

If there is resin, the filter head in the softener is damaged. The filter head should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the softener.

The utility model can filter out the resin in the pipeline. It can avoid the loss of resin and reduce the processing cost. It can also find out the usage state of the filter head of the softener in time. Ensure the quality of water softening, reduce pipeline scaling, and ensure the smooth progress of production.

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