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Resin Traps For Acidic Media


Resin Traps For Acidic Media

The preparation of demineralized water by ion exchange has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and other industries. For equipment that uses ion exchange to prepare desalted water, install an ion exchanger. Under the situation that its positive bed uses a drainage cap because individual drainage cap is damaged, it is difficult to find when resin leaks and resin is lost in a large amount.
If the positive bed leaks resin, it may also cause serious consequences of resin mixing and affect water quality.

Contents of the invention 

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a resin catcher for an acidic medium. Can solve the problem of resin capture in an acid environment. Moreover, the price is low, light, and durable, so as to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art.

The utility model takes the following technical solutions: 

  • By changing the material of the resin trap, the problem of resin capture in an acidic water medium is solved. 
  • The utility model is composed of a catcher filter shell and a filter core. Both the catcher housing and filter element are made of fiberglass. 
  • Have 30mm wide on the water filter part of the fiberglass filter element, and a long water filter hole of 200mm. 
  • Completely wrap the fiberglass filter element with a 50-mesh polyester mesh sleeve. 
  • And fix it on the fiberglass filter element by binding it with plastic cable ties. The catch filter housing and resin trap filter are connected by bolts. 

Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the following advantages: 

  • Resin traps made of stainless steel have been widely used in the chemical water treatment industry. 
  • Due to the high cost of the stainless steel catcher, the weight is heavy. Disadvantages such as welded seams are prone to corrosion and generally have a short service life. 
  • By changing the material to resist corrosion, the price is greatly reduced. 
  • The function is not affected at all, effectively solving the problem of resin capture in an acidic water medium. 
  • Avoid mixing yin and yang resins in chemical water treatment exchangers. Thereby seriously affecting the effluent index of the chemical water treatment system. 

An embodiment of the utility model: 

  • The catcher filter housing 1 and filter element 2 are made of fiberglass material. 
  • Filter holes 5 with a vertical interval of 40mm and a horizontal interval of 80mm are evenly opened on filter element 2 with a size of 200mm×30mm. 
  • Completely wrap the 50-mesh polyester mesh cover 3 around the water filtration part of filter element 2, and use plastic cable ties 4 to bind and fix it on the water filtration part of filter element 2. 

The resin catcher after changing the material is installed on the outlet of the positive bed. It can solve the problem of using an acidic water medium. And catch the leaking resin. It also has the characteristics of low price, lightweight, and durability.