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A brief introduction to Bluslot™

johnson wedge wire screen design company suppliers manufacturersThe company with the largest export volume of wedge wire screen filter products in North China (three consecutive years).
Three technical patents (processing technology and cleaning technology).
Five wedge wire screen filter production lines, two filter element parts production lines, the introduction of intelligent production equipment, strict control of product quality.
The professional technical team can provide wedge wire screen design services, CAD and 3D drawings for customers.
Independent quality inspection department, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery inspection, each link has a special quality inspection personnel, providing product inspection certificate.
Accumulated more than 20 years of production experience, familiar with the use of products in various industries, can give professional advice to customers.

Our equipment

  1. Wedge wire screen welding equipment
  2. V wire drawing equipment & Corrective equipment
  3. Argon arc welding, plasma welding, laser welding, resistance welding, and intelligent arm welding equipment
  4. Laser cutting and molybdenum wire cutting equipment
  5. Milling machine and CNC machine
  6. Stamping equipment and rolling equipment
  7. Cleaning equipment

Innovation and specialization are our corporate culture. We only focus on the R & D and production of wedge net product series.
The handicraft of products is our goal. We are committed to developing into the first brand of metal filter elements in China.

Specifications of high precision all-welded wedge wire tube & pipe

wedge wire rotary screen trommel screenIn order to solve the problem of poor roundness and uneven gap of wedge wire screen tube, the welded wedge wire screen tube (wedge filter element) independently developed by BLUSLOT™ FILTER has excellent roundness and absolute gap.

Material: stainless steel ss304, ss316, ss316l, duplex 2205 and many other special alloy materials.
Specifications: 25, mm, 30mm, 36mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60m, 65mm, 70mm, 76mm, 80mm, 86mm, 89mm, 110mm, 137mm, 189mm, 268mm, 305 and many other specifications.
Minimum slot size: 15 microns.
Slot size: >/= 10 microns
Tolerance: 5 microns.
The minimum diameter of the welded wire wrapped screen pipe: 25 mm.
Maximum diameter: 1800mm.
Length: 2300mm.

The raw materials are unified into high-quality wire materials. The raw materials, wire forming process and the quality of products after welding of our products can meet international standards, and it can completely replace the import, and the delivery time has a great advantage compared with foreign countries.
The Vee wire filter element manufactured by BLUSLOT FILTER is composed of V-shaped steel wire (profile wire) and support wire.
The smooth surface of the filter element is the filtering surface, which has a continuous slotting structure and belongs to the surface filtering form.
As the best filter element of many kinds of automatic filters, it is widely used in the deep filtration of the diatomite filter.

Due to the special wedge wire structure, compared with sintered wire filter element and other filter elements, it has the advantages of not easy to block, easy to backwash and long service life, and is the perfect substitute for other filter elements.

Wedge wire screen applications (use)

wedge wire screen basket companyA wedge wire screen is mainly used for industrial filtration and separation. It can effectively remove the solid particles in the fluid, and also has strong chemical compatibility.
It can be used for the filtration of acid-base organic solvents. In addition, the utility model has the advantages of strong pollutant holding capacity, longer service life, and effective noise reduction.
Bluslot™ developed a 10-micron slot size products in 2015. Our wedge wire screen filter products can be applied to more precise filter systems.

The wedge wire screen has high contaminant holding capacity, high porosity, long service life, strong plasticity and mechanical strength, accurate filtering accuracy, and strong permeability. It is an ideal filter element with high precision and high temperature. It is very suitable for high-pressure backwash oil filters and dust removal in a high-temperature environment.

Wedge wire screens can be used as dispersed cooling material in a high-temperature environment, as well as pore plate material for gas distribution or fluidization bed. It can also be used for high-pressure backwash oil filter and widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, mechanical, metallurgical and chemical industries.

A wedge wire screen filter is an ideal filter element for filtration, separation, and dewatering. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry of high temperature, corrosive liquid filtration, mechanical industry of all kinds of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil filtration and anti-riot device in the buzzer and so on.

In addition, it is also used in polyester, oil, food and beverage, chemical fiber, water treatment, gas filtration, and other industries.

Advantages of Johnson wedge wire screen compared with woven wire mesh

wedge wire screen cylinderJohnson screen is a sieve plate made of stainless steel wire by cold rolling. Q235 edge made of the flat iron, used for filtration and separation metal mesh structure.

Main performance and characteristics of Johnson screen.

It has good wear resistance and long service life. Its wear resistance is three to five times that of ordinary sieve plate and more than five times that of ordinary sieve plate.
The maintenance workload is small, Johnson screen filter is not easy to be damaged, and its service life is long.

With uniform continuous slot structure, stable welding quality, high open area rate, long service life, high strength, steel, and bearing capacity, various steel screen filters can be made.

The products are made of high-quality stainless steel (302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.) material and welded by advanced processing technology, with strict technology.

Johnson screen is different from an ordinary stainless steel wire woven mesh. It has the advantages of antiskid, high hardness, good elasticity, compression resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to block, compact, not affected by temperature, long service life, low comprehensive cost, etc.

The gap size is strictly uniform, the opening rate is high, the screening and filtering technology is good, the gap size can be arbitrarily selected, and can be processed into various shapes of screening filters.

Johnson flat screen is a kind of metal mesh used for screen filtration. It is an important part of the screening process. Each screening machine shall select a screen plate that meets its working requirements.
Material characteristics, structure, material, screening machine parameters, screening capacity, screening efficiency and operation thickness of the screen plate.
Therefore, it is necessary to select the sieve plate according to different materials and positions to achieve the screening effect.

How to clean wedge wire screen filter, basket, cylinder & cartridge?

welded wedge wire screen pipe technologyHow is wedge wire screen products cleaned? Do you know? Let’s talk about it by the technicians of the wedge wire screen manufacturers. I hope it can help you.

In the passivation film on wedge wire screen surface, pitting reaction is formed due to self-excited reaction, leading to the formation of small holes, close to each other of chloride ions, forming a strong corrosive solution, thus accelerating the corrosion reaction rate.

Intergranular corrosion cracks still exist in stainless steel, all of which will destroy the passivation film on a wedge wire screens. Therefore, the appearance of stainless steel shall be cleaned regularly to maintain its gorgeous appearance and extend its service life.
When cleaning the stainless steel surface, pay attention to avoid surface scratches, and prevent the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasives, steel balls, grinding tools, etc. In order to clean the detergent, please wash the surface with clear water and complete the washing.

Stainless steel is closely related to people’s daily life. With the development of the economy, the wedge wire screen is more and more popular. But many people know little about the properties of stainless steel, let alone the maintenance of stainless steel.

Many people think stainless steel will never rust. In fact, stainless steel only has good corrosion resistance.
The reason is that passive film is formed on the surface, which exists in the form of more stable oxide in nature. In other words, stainless steel is oxidized according to different service conditions and different oxidation levels. This phenomenon is often called corrosion.

Weak detergent or warm water washing, stainless steel appearance trademark, film, rolling stainless steel screen surface dust, easy to remove dirt soap.
Scrub with warm water, weak detergent, adhesive, alcohol or organic solvent (ether, benzene). The stainless steel surface is polluted by oil, oil, and lubricant. Wipe it with a soft cloth, then wash it with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent, and wash it immediately with clear water.
Stainless steel surface has bleach and various acid adhesion. Then wash with ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution, and wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

What is the cause of the breakage of the profile wire screen?

wire wrapped screen looped wedge wire screenWhat’s the reason for the damage to the profile wire screen? Let’s explain it to you by the technicians of the profile wire screen suppliers. I hope it can help you.

There are many reasons for the damage of the profile wire screen, such as the unqualified quality of the wire mesh, the accumulation of materials, the wrong direction of the oscillating motor and so on. How to deal with these questions?

First, select the profile wire screen with qualified quality. The upper layer of the screen is closely combined with the lower layer of the stress layer. The tension technology of the screen is used. Otherwise, when the stress layer is tight, the drilling cuttings may not be discharged.
When selecting the profile wire screen, we must recognize the factory of the profile wire screen, and then the quality of the goods.

When the profile wire screen is used to adjust the rotation direction of the motor, if the motor of the profile wire screen rotates towards the inner side wrongly, although the projection angle is also forward, the cuttings have the force to roll back, so the forward movement speed of the cuttings will significantly slow down. In severe cases, the cuttings may not be discharged normally.  

The wedge wire mesh should avoid faults as much as possible when it is used.  
In order to avoid material accumulation, the profile wire screen should be well arranged and protected at ordinary times.

How to replace the vibrating wedge wire screen?

The circular vibrating screen is a widely used general screening device. How to change the vibrating wedge wire screen quickly?

The height and size of the equipment are not very large. In order to reduce the difficulty of screen changing and simplify the process of screen changing as much as possible, we upgraded the vibrating wedge wire screen structure when designing the vibrating screen.

U-shaped groove grid structure. The greater advantage of this grid is that it allows customers to complete screen replacement in 3 minutes. Fast, time-saving. The detailed screen switching process is as follows:

Please refer to the following process: what do you need: 1 new screen, 1 clip, 1 pair of scissors.

  1. Remove the ring on the edge of the vibrating wedge wire screen frame of the circular shaker.
  2. Remove screen frame and open sealing ring.
  3. Take out the rotating screen frame and place it on the screen frame.
  4. Remove the embossing strip, remove the now broken screen, open the newly prepared new screen, and then place it on the main screen without wrinkles.
  5. Carefully secure and clamp with clamps (mesh bars), do not overtighten. In order to fix the screen, the new screen size is usually about 2cm larger than the required size. Use scissors to wedge in the wires
  6. Cut off the remaining 2 cm screen along the edge of the screen frame, and keep it at the edge of the screen.
    Put the sealant strip taken out of the screen bag back to the original direction of the screen, so as to reset the screen and gradually remove the frame, put the diaphragm ring back on the screen, hit the circumference of the diaphragm ring evenly with a soft hammer, and tighten the copper nut of the diaphragm ring.

How to maintain the oxide film on the surface of the wedge wire screen?

After the oxidation film on the surface of the wedge wire screen is treated, the surface is a layer of lusterless effect. Although it seems to be beautiful without luster, it is more practical.
Moreover, in the process of wedge wire screen filter processing, more protection should be provided for edge rolling, welding, etc.

There is a compact maintenance film on the surface of the wedge wire screen, and the maintenance of the oxide film can improve the effective service life of the wedge wire screen panels. There are two ways to maintain the curing membrane, one is the chemical method and the other is a sandblasting method.

Next, we will continue to introduce how to maintain the oxide film.

Chemical method: use a pickling passivation paste and normal temperature cleaning solution with inorganic additives for immersion. So as to achieve the goal of whitening the natural color of stainless steel.  
Sandblasting (shot) method: it is mainly to spray micro glass beads to remove the black oxide skin on the surface of the stainless steel sieve plate.

In order to adapt to the environment, a protective film will be coated on the surface of the wedge wire screen filter during the processing and production, so as to prevent the corrosion of the stainless steel product.

Wire wrapped screen laying

Before laying the wire wrapped screen, we should first make the installation plan of the wedge wire mesh.
When laying stainless steel wire wrapped screen, the laying instructions shall be provided according to the actual site and the field service of equipment professionals.

When the thickness of the reinforcing mesh is not enough to be twisted, less than 1-2 reinforcing bars can be welded at the end of the reinforcing mesh, and then both ends of the reinforcing mesh can be pierced into the beam, and the straight bar field binding method can be used for reinforcement.
For reduced horizontal reinforcement, wire ties shall be used at each joint where the reinforcement is connected to the welded fabric.

For the two ends of the welded wire mesh that must be pierced into the beam, when the longitudinal direction of the wire wrapped screen is relatively thin, first use the bending deformation function of the wire wrapped screen to bend the center of the welded wire mesh upward, so that the ends can be pierced into the beam one by one.

Between the ends of two welded grids, the smaller overlapping length of the steel bar lap joint shall not be less than 1.3 times of the smaller anchoring length.
In the overlapping area, the wedge-shaped mesh of each welded transverse reinforcement must not be less than the distance between the outer crossbars between one and two wedge-shaped mesh shall not be less than 50 mm.

When one of the two-wire wrapped screen grids in the overlapping area has no transverse reinforcement, the smaller overlapping length of the ribbed wire wrapped screen grid shall be 1.3 times of the smaller anchorage length La, and shall not be less than 300 mm.

When the diameter of the longitudinal stressed reinforcement in the overlapping area is d ≥ 10 mm, the overlapping length shall be increased by 5d. 

There are two methods for the bottom mesh of the wire wrapped screen: vertical reinforcement and mat mesh placement.
The surface reinforcement mesh of two-way reinforcement with a welded mesh of ribbed reinforcement shall adopt the flat erection method. It should be placed in a place with a small force and kept at a certain distance.
Except for the 1 / 4 clear span of the beam side, the overlapping length in overlapping direction shall not be less than 30dd, and the diameter of reinforcement shall not be less than 250mm.

These are the problems that should be paid attention to before laying wedge-shaped wire mesh. If you have something you don’t know, you can directly communicate with our customer service department, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

What’s the impact on the wedge wire screen filter price?


Wedge wire screen is widely used, so there are three kinds of raw materials for it: carbon steel raw materials, stainless steel raw materials, and plastic anti-corrosion raw materials.
The price of a wedge wire screen varies with different raw materials. The better the raw materials, the higher the cost, the higher the corresponding sales price.
The fluctuation of the raw material prices will affect the price of a wedge wire screen. The prices of different raw materials vary greatly.
For example, the price of duplex stainless steel used in seawater filtration is much higher than that of SS304 or SS316. In addition to the difference in the price of raw materials, it is difficult for the dual-phase steel to be drawn into a V-shaped triangle wire for wedge wire mesh.

Processing technology

Wedge wire screen’s processing technology plays a decisive role in its quality. In order to ensure high-quality screening, we need to process all parts and plan the whole, so as to ensure efficient screening.


Wedge wire screens can be divided into different shapes and types according to the diameter of the screen surface: circular and rectangular.
Different types of screened materials have different abilities. The larger the volume is, the larger the screen weight is, and the higher the price is.

What are the key points of using wedge wire screens at high temperatures?

Wedge wire screen has the characteristics of heat resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., so in general, it is heat-resistant, and will not affect its service life at high temperature.
However, due to different manufacturing processes, the service life of the wedge wire screens made by different manufacturers is different. Therefore, the following problems should be considered when using it at a high temperature.

The heat produced by friction at work. Due to different manufacturing processes, the thermal expansion coefficient of the wedge wire screen is also different. When different materials are welded together, there will be the possibility of thermal fatigue.
When the ambient temperature is over 400 ℃, the intermittent reduction caused by the expansion between parts should also be fully considered.

Creep. Ordinary wire mesh has hot brittleness when it works at high temperature, so does a wedge wire screen.
Silicon, graphite, and molybdenum disulfide lubricants have good heat resistance.

Comparison of the calculated value of pressure drop between the Johnson wedge wire screen and woven wire mesh

In the oil and chemical industry and other industries, the filter screen is widely used in the process of fluid transportation. In recent years, Johnson’s wedge wire screen has replaced the traditional woven mesh and orifice plate more and more, which is mainly determined by the unique structure and many advantages of the wedge wire screens.

In a certain range of pores, the fluid resistance drop of Johnson vee wire screen is obviously smaller than that of the woven net and pore plate structure. The calculation and comparison of resistance drop in the design and selection of filter screen materials are of great significance for the selection of filter screen.

Filter elements of chemical pipeline filters, grids of reactors, dryers, etc. shall be screened.
When the fluid passes through the screen, there will be a resistance drop. The resistance drop is not only related to energy consumption and production cost but also directly affects the status of the processing system, thus affecting production efficiency and product quality.

Therefore, without affecting the structure of the equipment, reducing the resistance drop of the filter screen can not only reduce energy consumption and production cost but also improve production efficiency and product quality.

  1. Characteristics of woven mesh
    In China, the composite structure of the wire woven screen and the porous plate is widely used in the industry. Due to the large contact area between solid particles (catalyst, molecular sieve or various filter materials) and the screen, the particles are easy to block or get stuck in the pores of the metal screen or porous plate, resulting in increased pressure drop, expensive media loss after bending deformation, and even making the device unable to operate, Maintenance is also more difficult.
  2. Characteristics of Johnson wedge wire screen
    Johnson screen uses a resistance welding method to weld the metal wire with the shape similar to V-shape on the support rod arranged vertically, forming a continuous and uniform gap, and the filter only has two points of contact with the screen surface. Due to the unique structure of the Johnson screen, it has many characteristics that are not found in the woven mesh.
    Each cross point of the wire and the support rod is welded, with high accuracy and accurate gap.
    High strength, large flow rate, high capacity, strong durability.
    With the increase of opening range, opening rate and effective circulation area.
    The gap is continuous and the mesh surface is smooth, which makes the catalyst flow smooth, wear less and the particles are not easy to be crushed.
    Wear resistance.

Comparison between Johnson screen and woven net

There are obvious differences between the two kinds of filter screens in their anti-blocking performance. And the strength of the woven network is low, in the process of use, it needs to be combined with the porous plate.
Therefore, the opening rate of the composite structure is the product of the opening rate of the woven mesh and the porous plate, and the opening rate is greatly reduced.

According to gb10612-89 and GB / t5330.1-2000, when the opening ratio of woven mesh and the porous plate is 60% and 60% respectively, the product value is only 36%. Because of the different structures of the two kinds of filter screens, even if the factors such as blocking are not considered, the resistance drop of the fluid passing through the two kinds of filter screens is quite different in a certain range of pores.

Self-cleaning wedge wire filter

The self-cleaning filter is the representative product of modern high-tech filters. In sewage treatment, it appears in the image of high technology, high quality, and high intelligence.

Before the implementation of the “control source interception” project, the main network of urban sewage has basically achieved full coverage, but due to the dislocation of many drainage households, sewage is discharged into rainwater pipes and rivers, which indirectly leads to the accumulation of rainwater and new villages.

The swimming pool and other facilities are seriously infiltrated. Therefore, the local government reorganized the pipeline and put the full-automatic filter into use. As a result, the sewage is treated as water resources by automatic filtration, which not only treats the sewage but also increases the reuse rate of water resources.

The self-cleaning filter is stored on the surface of the inner hole or the surface of the filter material. As the seepage continues, the flow mainly moves along the normal channel. At this time, the resistance of the filter material is relatively stable, and this stage is actually short-lived.
A wedge wire screen becomes the most suitable filter element. It overcomes the defect that metal mesh is easy to block and wear. It compensates for the fragility and small flow of powder filtration products and solves the temperature and pressure resistance characteristics of filter paper and filter cloth.

The self-cleaning filter with filtering performance is an ideal choice for high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high resistance. The precision filter material can be folded to increase filter area and can be welded. Large dust capacity, high filtering accuracy, slow pressure rise, long replacement cycle, high porosity, good permeability, small pressure loss, and large flow.

As the filter element of the self-cleaning filter is continuously polluted, the flow rate of the gas in the system becomes smaller and the pressure drop becomes larger. At the same time, the consumption of energy and power also increases, resulting in an increase in the operation and production costs, as well as an increase in the environment. Therefore, the filter element of the self-cleaning filter needs to be replaced regularly.

The material of the device is easy to form, process and weld, and can be processed into various types of filter elements, such as circular, cylindrical, conical and corrugated.

The surface filter structure has the countercurrent cleaning effect, so the countercurrent cleaning effect is good, can be used repeatedly, and has a long service life.

Dimensions of wedge wire and support rod [Gauge]

in / mm
in / mm
in2 / mm2
200.020 / 0.5080.040 / 1.0160.005 / 0.32311
300.030 / 0.7620.050 / 1.2700.001 / 0.64513
470.047 / 1.1940.088 / 2.2350.003 / 1.93510
630.060 / 1.5240.100 / 2.5400.004 / 2.58113
690.071 / 1.8030.177 / 4.4960.010 / 6.4527
930.089 / 2.2610.138 / 3.5050.009 / 6.80613
1180.116 / 2.9460.185 / 4.6990.015 / 9.67713
1300.130 / 3.3020.250 / 6.3500.023 / 14.8398
1580.158 / 4.0130.239 / 6.0700.028 / 17.948
1910.195 / 4.9530.363 / 9.2200.055 / 35.4845

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